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Through import and export We deliver satisfaction and dreams through import and export.

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Give Shape to What You Want

We are a global sole agent that mainly exports and imports both domestically and internationally.
Using our accumulated know-how and information network, we promote products and services that are not well known in Japan and create popular products.
We also offer import and export services on your behalf, so please feel free to contact us.

Fine Seller's Booth


Service Introduction

  • EC site management

    In recent years, the EC market has been transforming into a huge market with a growth rate that far exceeds that of the domestic market.
    In order to play a part in this, we use our own methods to research and sell domestic products that are in demand overseas.
    In order to achieve a higher level of customer satisfaction, we use our own transportation and sales channels to deliver products quickly, safely and securely.
    In order to meet the needs of more and more people around the world, and for customers who are waiting for Japanese products, we are operating our site every day.
    We are also working hard to expand our sales channels by focusing on markets that have the potential to greatly increase our business.

  • In-house EC store management

    Customers' purchasing routes are becoming more diverse.
    We aim to operate a store that can connect with customers without stress and provide valuable products through our own sales channels.
    Build relationships with consumers through the Internet, receive feedback on products and services, and We will take personalized marketing measures to ensure successful customer satisfaction.

  • crowdfunding

    We help our clients from all over the world to campaign and sell their valuable products in Japan through domestic crowdfunding.
    through domestic crowdfunding.
    We use many channel sources and marketing advertisements to build sales channels and We can help you maximize your sales success.

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  • general agent

    We penetrate our clients' valuable products into Japan based on digital marketing and professional strategies.
    We create value in Japan and build demand-driven sales strategies to capture demand in the country.
    We invest our experience and knowledge to the fullest in our clients.

航空宅急便のイメージ 航空宅急便のイメージ



  • 11 Feb. 2022

    The official website is now open!

    This is Takeuchi, the president of Fine Seller's Booth Inc.
    In the global Internet society, all kinds of needs are being developed.
    I feel that it is our mission to connect these needs and give them shape.
    Our motto is "Clients First," and we would be happy to assist you in creating the future together.
    We look forward to receiving your requests and will respond to them as soon as possible.

    We look forward to working with you at Fine Seller's Booth Co.


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